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"Dancing is great fun, great for your health and great for meeting people"



This was Lesley Garrett's conclusion following her involvement in the BBC series Strictly Come Dancing. Latin American and Ballroom dancing gives physical, mental and emotional benefits and is one of the best forms of aerobic and strengthening workouts available. Just take a look at the list below and treat your whole self to the fulfilment that is 'DANCING'.


Burns calories - Lesley lost over a stone during the series; regular dancing will help avoid putting on those extra pounds.


A complete workout - It offers cardiovascular benefits to dancers of all ages and abilities; from gentle exercise to a challenging workout, the equivalent of any aerobic class.  In a typical dance session, you will not only build your heart's strength but boost your endurance and energy levels.  


Tones and strengthens - once you have mastered the basic technique, Ballroom and Latin dancing combines a series of movements that tones and strengthens muscles throughout the whole body.


Keeps joints supple and bones strong - the best way to avoid arthritus and joint problems is to continue to use the joints in a controlled manner.  This also helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis by putting a strain on your bones and therefore helping them to remain strong and dense.


Improves posture, balance and co-ordination - Ballroom dancing naturally encourages you to adopt the right posture and the combination of movement and dance steps builds better balance and co-ordination.


Boosts confidence & self esteem - as you master the steps you will gain a genuine sense of achievement and learn to enjoy dancing in a social and fun environment. This will lead to a real boost of your confidence..  


Reduces stress - the comination of physical exercise and mental stimulation is a great way to invigorate yourself and alleviate the stresses of the day.  


Mentally stimulating - the combination of exercise and the challenge to remember new groups of steps stimulates the memory.  Research has found that regular Ballroom dancing can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.


Make new friends - you'll be having fun with like-minded people on a regular basis and widening your social circle.